Plumbing Services

Below are the plumbing services offered by Under Slab Plumbing. Although we can provide various plumbing repair services our focus is very specificsewer and drain lines under a concrete slab foundation. However, we also service houses and buildings on pier and beam foundations.


  • Leak Detection

  • Testing of Incoming Water Lines – pressure test

  • Testing of Outgoing Drain and Sewer Lines – Hydrostatic and Isolation leak detection

Repair / Replacement

  • Replace old concrete drain lines

  • Replace old cast iron drain lines

  • Repair / Replace PVC drain lines

  • Repair / Replace Incoming water lines

Other Services

  • Trenching

  • Tunneling

  • BackFill

  • Mud-Pump Voids with Slurry

Our speciality is repairing under slab plumbing systems. However, we can provide a full range of plumbing services.
This is a broken cast iron drain line that is leaking water underground.
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