FAQ – Under Slab Plumbing

1) Do you offer a warranty on your plumbing repair work?
Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor.

2) Is the warranty on your plumbing repair work transferrable to a new home owner?

Leaking pipes under a home's concrete slab can cause settlement of the supporting soil and lead to sagging of the floors and house.This is an email from one of our customers that had serious foundation issues
by a water leak under the concrete slab.

3) Prior to any digging do you locate utility lines?
Yes, we will locate natural gas, water, and other lines prior to any digging.

4) Do you take photos of the final repair work?

This page discusses some of the most frequently asked questions about under slab plumbing problems.This is an email from one of our customers that had related foundation
and under slab plumbing issues.

5) Do you test your repair work before leaving the work site.
Yes, absolutely. We test all of our work after it has been finished. This confirmation is for our benefit and the customer’s benefit.

6) Do you obtain an engineer’s backfill letter after replacing and packing the dirt in the tunnel?
Yes, and we will share that letter with the customer.

We obtain all permits and engineers’ letters required by local codes and Texas State Plumbing Codes.

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