About Us

Under Slab Plumbing is a Houston based plumbing company with  over 30+ years of experience and knowledge working with under slab plumbing problems.  Our goal is to produce the Highest Quality under slab plumbing services for our customers.

It is important that your plumbing contractor have knowledge of slab foundations and how they are supported by the installation of concrete support structures.  When slab foundation inspections are needed we contact Dawson Foundation Repair. They only install Bell Bottom Piers because they are the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method and they are Permanent.

A Licensed Master Plumber will visit every job site and provide oversight. A supervisor will always be present to manage the workers and the job flow. We work very efficiently and we will complete the under slab plumbing task at hand in the shortest amount of time possible.  Contact us today by phone 346-347-3500 or email.

We are specialists in under slab plumbing repair.
This underground drain line was broken by more than 3 feet of Root Intrusion that eventually blocked the line and cracked it.
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