Compare Plumbing Contractors

Obviously every plumbing contractor will tell you that they are the “best”. Or that they are the best company for under slab plumbing repairs. We are asking you to compare under slab plumbing contractors and decide for yourself. And should you have any questions you can view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Compare Under Slab Plumbing vs. Others

Under Slab Plumbing Other Plumbing Contractors
Master Plumber Yes ???
Insurance for Workers Yes ???
Under Slab Plumbing Experience 30+ years ???
Trenching Yes ???
Tunneling Yes ???
BackFill Yes ???
Concrete Work Yes ???
Mud-Pump Voids with Slurry Yes ???
When you compare plumbing contractors other factors are more important than the final cost.
A plumber is entering the tunnel to replace part of the sewer line under the slab foundation.

Other Questions to Ask Plumbing Contractors

  • Do they offer assistance with insurance claims?

  • Do they obtain all necessary permits for all jobs?

  • Are the workers full-time employees?

  • Does the repair agreement require Mandatory (Forced) Arbitration? (you lose your right to sue for shoddy work)

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